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Share Your Party With Everyone Who Matters

Social distancing has become the new normal and this may make it difficult for you to invite everyone you wish you could to your special event.

Thats why Mr. Party Animal is stepping out of his booth to offer live stream options for your event!  With a live stream solution you can include all your family and friends. 

Live Streaming Options

Single Still


One Camera in a single location with zoom and panning capabilities.

Single Mobile


One Camera that can freely move around your party.



Two Cameras one in a single location and a second free moving camera  

 Professional HD High Quality Cameras

Live Stream on 

Live Stream on 


Comment Section for everyone logged in.

large screen at your event to view the Live Stream and everyones comments.

Footage from Live Stream

Whats The Best Price? 

Fill in the information below and we will send you the best options and pricing for your event.

Also, feel free to call for more information: 516 300 1928

Thanks for submitting! Someone will get back to you within 24 hrs

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